Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Antwerp. Muntplein.
Antwerp. Fish&Chips display window.

NEW  Graphein show at Lindberg Contemporary Art
NEW AFP DMA AKUZE. Tame, my old writing partner accidently came across the Ironlak BBQ Burners day and did crew pieces between myself and modern day painting partner Akuze. Good day...
DABS NEW MYLA. Dabs and Myla are illustrators as well as writers. Check out DABSMYLA.com
NEW 1988. My swirls began as a way of trying something other than the dominant bent stem letters in Melbourne at the time. They were inspired by a particular cola company logo!
NEW 1989. I had a break of almost 20 years from the arrow. They're in my pieces again. I didn't want to use such as strong graff archetype for the sake of it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

NEW 2 The wall was done with Reach. Check out his blog.
NEW and character by LKAE

These are some of my ceramic pieces. They are hollow slab built high fired stoneware. So far, i only wish to do the letter 'N'. The letters are taken from pieces i've already done. The largest of the works pictured is around 35 - 40 cm in height.