Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Occult Street Rituals - Dabs Myla New2

We joined forces again to come up with this craziness...The following video gives a partial insight into were we are coming from.

Middelburg - NL

We went up to Zeeland and painted the interior of a skatepark with some of the CFH guys and friends. Nice to catch up with a few guys and meet some new friends. Thanks Super A for the invite. Thanks MTN again for the paint.

Throwin' shapes with Dabs and Myla at Villanella / De Studio Antwerp Belgium

It's been awesome fun catching up with the dynamic duo Dabs and Myla again. Rain delayed play, but we got there. We sampled most Belgian sweets, cakes and pastries while painting this one.
Thanks to MTN.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New2 - Aerosol Ninja zine

 A post has kindly been made about my first little zine at Aussie art site:
The Opening Hours

Thanks Michael !!

Saturday, May 4, 2013


Kunstbende is a national art competition in Belgium for youngsters/teens. The finalists have a one week camp and create work in a chosen discipline, dance, photography, sound, visual arts and so on.
The theme of this years' week was city life and the Flemish regions' event was held in the center of Antwerp.
I was the... umm... teacher or leader or vandalism coach for the visual art group. In the spirit of writing/street art they, with a little order and a fair deal of chaos freely took out the room we'd been assigned as a studio. They made an installation with the loose idea of creating a city or communal space that individuals (and groups) then decorated. No art in the room was made entirely by the one person, akin to areas you would normally see in a cityscape.

I'd basically shown them techniques and exposed them to an art world from which they had previously heard of little more than Banksy and Space Invader. Most were out of their element not having used spray paint, markers and found materials before. It turned out a pretty fun process and a good fast paced first try of something new from a talented bunch.

Hospitality House Auction SF

Hospitality House in the Tenderloin in San Francisco looks out for the homeless. Having found myself in that situation as a youngster I have a lot of interest and empathy for people in that predicament.
Anyway, White Walls hosts a charity auction for them. I have a piece up for grabs and there are many awesome artists' works donated to be bid on. The cash goes to a good cause and you get an artwork, a win/win!!!

whitewallssf blog - hospitality house 28th annual auction


I tried an experiment with subtle perspective on this quick piece last week, something I will need to try again. I kind of attempted a quiet lean back a la Star Wars intro. The vertical lines were altered from the sketch's original straight up and down lines to angles. I thinned the outline toward the top of the piece, the old inward 3d was brought out the attic and some 80's baseline employed to make perspective more noticeable. Maybe the original sketch was a lot better, but you gotta try! Mister CFH was passing through the city, made a surprise stop by the wall as I was starting and he painted an impromptu burner, good times.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Car park project - Antwerp - Belgium

 I recently painted a 70 meter mural in conjunction with local schools and a newly constructed car park. It is situated under a square surrounded by housing.  The company wanted to make the grey concrete structure a little more approachable.
Children drew all the trees, birds and leaves, their teaches put the composition together and chose the basic colors palette to be used, and I mainly stuck to the plan and painted it. I really enjoyed painting kids drawings, a really nice break from my normal fare.

A personal fave of the kids birds.
!!!! Super out there, love this drawing
Loved painting this one
The kids involved, teachers, locals, business people and politicians came out for the opening. the speeches revolved around the community input, ie: the mural as to avoid our newly elected politicians getting the props.
The kids came down and helped fill in one day and chose a couple of bird color schemes