Friday, December 24, 2010

Sneak preview - Sunset......Sunrise... show

A4 collage : Paper, glue, and a little marker on the inside of the windows.
I've made quite a few collages, each generally taking between 2 to 4 days to complete. There is some larger work in progress and some other spaced out stuff being built on site.......
Come along if you can!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cone - Miami

I painted with Cone at Primary Flight. It was a pleasure to paint and chat with him and his family. Some wild stuff going on in this peice!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Primary Flight 2010 - New 2

I went a little to big for the paint I had on hand. I had to get sparse on the background. It was fun and I don't mind it. 
Thanks Typoe, Dabs and Myla for the oppurtunity...

Primary Flight 2010 - New 2 and Ephameron

Kid Acne x New x Ephameron
Dscreet and Tek invited us down to paint this wall. It was a wall designated for Kid Acne who run out of time to complete it himself.
Ephameron x New 2
Banged this out to get through some of the paint a few of us had left.

Ephameron x New
This was a fun wall after our main seperate walls were completed.
It was nice to see Ephameron work on an unfamiliar scale and materials. Us Aussies and Americans are more used to complex technique, loud and high detail work. This quiet, less is more approach to her illustrations, I feel, helped her work stand out. Intimate but large scale.

Primary Flight 2010

The following is just the tip of the iceberg of what went on in Miami last week. I could be here uploading forever...enjoy...

Sneek Dash
Walls that weren't part of the event got taken out all over the neighbourhood..

Primary Flight 2010


Revok Rime or should i say Rime Revok
Kemr !!

Primary Flight 2010

Risk Smash 137
Part of Ironlak wall

Primary Flight 2010

Martha Cooper
Dabs Myla
Jeff Soto

Primary Flight 2010

Kems 2009

Dabs Myla
Dabs Myla - Sanrio Show
Pose - Sanrio Show

Primary Flight 2010

Steel Revok Lango

Persue Haze  Mare 139
How Nosm

Friday, November 26, 2010

Primary Flight Miami

Ephameron and I arrived a few days early in Miami for a bit of well deserved r&r before getting painting. She's got a mural tee'd up and I'm painting with the writers thanks to our good mates Dabs and Myla, and their pal Typoe.

There is a ton of great artists on the line up, lots of stuff going on around the city for Art Basel. Looking forward, sus out the artists list 2010 on the site.

Flix to come in the next week or so..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The Falcon has landed...

Saturday, November 13, 2010


One of my mates decided to have a birthday party today. We all pieced and had a barbeque. Fun and relaxed, with some quick, no stress painting. As it's getting dark before 5 at the moment, we took what amounted to night shots. Hopefully we'll grab some better flix tomorrow.....

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Da Mad Artists 1985 - 2010.......

I took a day off today before starting work for an upcoming show and come to the realization that DMA crew is now 25 years old. So, a 25th anniversary traditionally requires something silver! (and maybe with a little '80's flair!!)
A little history:
The crew arrived at a period when USA crew were 'the' Melbourne crew. Tame and I looked up to the work of Prime and Dskiz. I still remember where and when I first met Dskiz, it meant a lot that he and Prime were friendly and encouraging to us. They got up and had style, they were the Melbourne masters and represented what writing is to us. Ransom among others, also had dope trains.
DMA started off in late 1985 as 'Da Magic Artists' in Broadmeadows, not as a Belgrave line crew as supposed. Ream (who had super dope handstyles for the time) was our crew prez, and at that stage included (DJ) Idem, Mear, followed by Mishen, Brink, Tame, Cure and New. After that came Nab, Plot, Sena, Paris and Peril. 
Idem, Mear, Mishen and Ream dropped off pretty early and the remaining eight continued on and made the crew into the post USA writers to be reckoned with. (subject to opinion!!)
Puzle (probably one of the most well known and respected of our crew here in Europe) later joined, along with the all city king Pronto and dope Sydneysiders Prins, Dmote and Metro. Many others, were put down, including the out an out incredible bomber Worm, even Dskiz had a stint.
This was a crew all about the trains and tracksides. It was built on the notion that you had to be up all city with insides, throw ups, pieces and it had to be done with style. It was an expected that it be a constant thing, a way of life. Rack up, get up, rack up, get up. 
Other guys were out there producing immaculate, inventive murals, and props to them. It's probably their walls that are remembered now. They proved how progressive Melbourne was for the time, Ie: Merda's productions make you proud to be part of Melbourne's writing scene.
DMA managed a long term, day in, day out assault. I mean, we often got up for first train loops and finished the night with panels or wall productions. As I once said to Merda, we were 'meat and potatoes' writing. 
DMA were maybe more into the attitude and style of the likes of Bio, or Skeme as opposed to the (amazing) Vulcan and other style masters. The 'best with the most' philosophy was paramount with us.
Big ups to Tame, the real deal DMA.
Crew is family, in the words of Nabit......'We Large'

Saturday, November 6, 2010

New - detail

Although this photo is shot through the glass of the frame, it gives a bit of an idea of the coloured paper works.
They are usually representations of pieces already done on walls and are another way of reflecting the '3d' effects we use on our pieces on '2d' walls.