Monday, January 14, 2013

TRSH trailer

Some northern friends having fun putting some work in.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oriane Dufort

 Ok, so to put this post in context, this is an excerpt from a recent interview I did with White Walls gallery.

The techniques of paper collaging and layering seem like a pretty unexpected direction from your artistic roots. How did this turn develop?
I checked out a show a friend from Paris had curated and there was a few small collage pieces. They were very naive bright colored work, one of a simple house and the other was an apple with a worm. I can’t remember the name of the woman who made them. I identified with the stark use of color and enjoyed the child-like nature of them. Growing up the way I did and then being in the Australian writing scene from my early teens, I didn’t get to be playful in that kind of way. So the process allows a round human experience of sorts for me. I get to fuse playing with cut and paste like a kid mixed with more adult concerns I have about writing aesthetics. My wife makes amazing collage and I was exposed to them every day but it had never dawned on me to make them until I saw those innocent pieces.I also like making the letters in paper in a way that non writers can see the visual depth we intend when painting them flat on walls.

 Anyway, I was in Paris for New Years Eve and caught up with our friend who put on the aforementioned show and I found out who the artist was whose work I dug...
As you can see we share little but some similar technique and a lot of color. I think they are great fun, thanks for the inspiration!

Her site:
Oriane Dufort
and blog

Whilst on the subject, this is the site of a friend from Antwerp Belgium who does great work in cut paper also... His work is very cleverly and accurately constructed, also illustrative in nature.
Jan Werkt

Friday, January 4, 2013

In one hand a ghost... works

The White Walls show finishes tomorrow Saturday Jan 5 2013, here are the cut paper work in the exhibition:

I just saw this review at

White Walls Gallery: In One Hand a Ghost, the Other an Atom - New2.
Review by Anne Ross: As street art incorporates breaking the rules, the graffiti-inspired work of Australian artist, New2, makes a splash in this black-walled gallery space. His exhibit, "In One Hand a Ghost, the Other an Atom," captures the look of tagged buildings and trains. New2's work remains true to the energy of the spray can which began his career. Now, however, having moved on to other materials, his work is composed of intricate and precise paper cut-outs. A multi-layered collage, Hitachi 1, shows the side of a train car, complete with letters scrawled on a window and an inspired burst of color covering the exterior. Known and Louvain La Neuve tend toward the abstract, suggesting the frenetic light and energy of an urban landscape. The craftsmanship of this artist is admirable. A visit to this exhibit is well worth your while.

Puzle prints

Melbourne legend Puzle has prints up for grabs.
Have a look here: