Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New old style...

End - New
My mate End was in town for a day, so I used to opportunity to digress and use this outline knowing I could get it completed in time.
Last year I did a series of sketches of my '80's panels and wanted to paint modern replicas to see what they would look like now.....................but didn't.
Besides having being a Star Wars kid, and slipping in the odd conspiracy theory piss take, usually I want my pieces to suggest moving letter form forward. That is why I paint in a sci fi kind of style now, as a hint at forward momentum, the 'new'.
However, after seeing some cool stuff that is looking to the past for inspiration, (Dmote for example) , I thought I'ld have a bit of fun with it. About a month ago I sat down and drew an outline in the same vein as my old panels. I tried to imagine that my style hadn't progressed since, using the bent stemmed letters, aggressive angles something that would sit well on a moving train etc. If I was a little more patient I would of done the highlights right next to the outline. It was kind of daunting trying a character after so long, but fun. Bubbles..bubbles!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mr. Shanky

My old DMA crew mate Dmote has been amazing me with these latest Shank pieces. He adopted NYC as his home and has been able to immerse himself further than the average punter in the history of NYC style traditions.
It's allowed him as far as I see it to re-interpret and make it his own in an informed and considered way. They are not some common retro mix and match misuse of history. The rhythm of these pieces are superb. Faaarrresh!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Now or Ever - Illustration show

Nick White (UK)
Nous Vous collective. (UK)
Nous Vous
Nick White
Joanna Hellgren (Sweden)
Nick White
Louis Reith (NL)
Joanna Hellgren
Ward Zwart (BE)
Ward Zwart
Louis Reith
Joanna Hellgren
Nick White
Nous Vous
Nous Vous performance
Ephameron (BE)

I popped in for a look at the Now or Ever show on the weekend. Ephameron pieced together another interesting bunch of contemporary illustrators.
We got to catch up with our good buddy Louis Reith and managed to get the fun Nous Vous guys and Nick White to a few bars in the short stay to taste test an honest amount of the amazing local beers, to a squat party and to lose one of them somewhere in the city for a night.

Monday, March 19, 2012

SDM crew

A present from the SDM's, big thanks!!!!!