Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding photo!!!

A friend found this on the net..... Have a happy marriage!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Exhibit A - Melbourne

Ephameron and i were last minute entrants in this show (thanks Aeon and Rus). We made some impromptu work.

New Collage of 3 different white papers and one grey. My pieces are so bright and gaudy these days i thought i'ld make something quieter!! 50 cm x 40cm
Brens and Kat

Exhibit A - Melbourne

New 2
Kat Kavanagh
El Moocho

Exhibit A - Melbourne

Rus Kitchin

Exhibit A - Melbourne

Aeon Banos Stabs
Rus Kitchin

Just writing my name meets...AFP

A big thanks to the kind folks at Montana, who allowed us to join in on the Just Writing My Name meets.....
Follow the link to some pics of the proceedings....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cure New

It was great to paint with my old mate Cure once again after almost 2 decades.
He's resurfaced and producing pieces again. A talent who paints with a modern feel like he never stopped...

Eindhoven NL Step in the Arena jam

Here's a link to a few flix from the weekend in Eindhoven. As the ILG post says, it was a really good atmosphere. Dynamo put on a great jam. 
Local council representatives, families, kids with their blackbooks, photographers,media etc came down. Music was provided by among others, a DMC winning Dj. 
There was a positive / progressive community response (including the newspaper). 
The backward Australian media has managed to nullify civilized notions about our art work in the mainstream at home.
 Coming from a city where Transit security goes to art shows to this, was a breath of fresh air....


Melburn...Wildstyle city...

Corner Hotel. Richmond