Thursday, July 15, 2010

KUNSTKRAFT 24th JULY.....Great art auction....great cause...

On Saturday July 24th, the K U N S T K R A F T exhibition will take place in the Studio gallery of the ALTE FEUERWACHE, in Mannheim, Germany. The exhibition will feature works in various styles all derived in and around graffiti culture. The exhibition will showcase key German graffiti pioneers such as Can 2, Atom and Kane whom helped create the foundation that contempoarary German graffiti has been built on. Other featured artist’s include, Ruedione, Sweet Uno, Hombre, Sellout Industries, EinKollektiv, Jeroo, Semor, Kaos, Ikaroz, NEW2, Sicksystems, Michael Grudziecki and Bernado Maldonado.

All artwork has been donated by the artist’s and will be Auction at the opening on the evening of July 24. All of the proceed’s will go to the support of the orphange recently built and set-up in West Kenya by the Mannheimer Nyota Group. Nyota e.V was set up by Manneheimer locals to offer support to kids in Kenya that have been traumatised and orphaned. As the power of Graffiti gives to those who live and breathe it, K U N S T K R A F T in conjunction with Nyota e.V, uses the power of art to give to those that need it. Nyota is operated by volunteers and 100% of all funds raised are used directly to finance Nyota’s work with the children in their orphanage. You can find out more information about Nyota’s work as well all information about the K U N S T K R A F T Exhibition at their website: (in German) start: 5pm / entry is free.

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