Saturday, January 8, 2011

New at Stoffwechsel Gallery - works

Nice street name!

All my collages are first done as a piece on a wall or wherever. They are then made later, using colored papers. With the above Hitachi, I saw a lot of gold and silver Christmas decorative paper in shops and thought it would look good as a classic Melbourne train instead!

The paper works having being built up in layers give a small indication of how I ( or...writers in general) perceive 3d in my ( or our) pieces that we paint on walls as 2d representations.

If you have any questions, prices, sizes etc please contact the friendly folks at Stoffwechsel via email, both English or German emails would do the trick:


  1. Nice street name indeed.

    just found here easy again via google, you are the top hit for the search of 'new 2' ..

  2. Awesomely awesome!