Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Benelux Writers Convention

About 100 writers from the Benelux region got together for a jam on Saturday. Perfect weather and a really good grassroots event. I finished as the sun went down and managed to grab a beer at the bar and a few quick shots of a small portion of the walls done.

For my part, I freestyled this with whatever paint I could scrape up, and luckily had enough of a color range in my bag to get away with it. A friend and I where discussing approach to style, technique, what to put into a piece or more importantly, what to leave out. He broke out a musical analogy, (which I'm always down for). If his painting technique was akin to Pavement's musicianship, mine was similar to Akron/Family. It's for one, a nice compliment, and secondly it's nice to know someone else sees in a similar way to yourself what you're attempting to do.

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