Monday, May 2, 2011

New x Two

Two days in a row not knowing what to paint. The first afternoon I did a simple fun thing. My initial photo was taken in poor light, so I went back the next morning, and winged another piece while I was there.
Having 'nothing', so to speak, made me rely on my past (which is a way too common practice for me). I remembered something I wrote next to a piece as a teen, "go about your own thing, fuck competition and being a king". Ok, it's teenish, but 20+ years on it has become a more important notion than ever, as keeping up with the Jones's, fa fa fa fashion in writing and self promotion plays too vital a role. Give me writers with a personal set of images / symbols and their empirical studies that I can follow. Then I have the means to critique without the haze. Anyway...

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