Friday, October 28, 2011

Dabs Myla

So....., I was really looking forward to my good friends Dabs and Myla visiting. 
The first afternoon they arrived we pumped out some freestyle silvers for the sport of it. It's enjoyable with these guys as it's a team effort, not just painting your own piece.
Knowing they were visiting, the previous weeks were spent putting my left hand to can control practice in anticipation of getting to do a nice production together, but......
I managed to injure my back packing up my paint for the production, and got trapped on my apartment floor. So instead, they kindly became nurses for a day or so and then got me off to a doctor. Fortunately they managed to get pieces done with what little time they had left, which made me feel better about the ordeal. They also discovered the brilliance of Speculoos spread in my pantry. 
Click on your right there where it says DabsMyla, and check out the vid of their recent Mexico wall and their take on the above events. 
Also thanks to Myla's killer Brie and salad sangas, Mr Chin up himself Mio, and the expert ambulance driving paramedic Jush.

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