Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New old style...

End - New
My mate End was in town for a day, so I used to opportunity to digress and use this outline knowing I could get it completed in time.
Last year I did a series of sketches of my '80's panels and wanted to paint modern replicas to see what they would look like now.....................but didn't.
Besides having being a Star Wars kid, and slipping in the odd conspiracy theory piss take, usually I want my pieces to suggest moving letter form forward. That is why I paint in a sci fi kind of style now, as a hint at forward momentum, the 'new'.
However, after seeing some cool stuff that is looking to the past for inspiration, (Dmote for example) , I thought I'ld have a bit of fun with it. About a month ago I sat down and drew an outline in the same vein as my old panels. I tried to imagine that my style hadn't progressed since, using the bent stemmed letters, aggressive angles something that would sit well on a moving train etc. If I was a little more patient I would of done the highlights right next to the outline. It was kind of daunting trying a character after so long, but fun. Bubbles..bubbles!!!

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