Friday, June 1, 2012

Older and curvier

After making an 'older and straighter' letters entry, I thought I'ld make an older and curved letters entry. Some are very old (like the one above), some I like in retrospect and some are plain embarrassing! They range from the mid '80s to trying to find my feet again style wise in the 2000's. In '88, after doing angular letters that were the norm in Melbourne for a fair time, which I think of as 'bent-stem', I tried a 'coca-cola' curving, swirly style. I looked at a lot of heraldry, art nouveau and psychedelia at the time, and slowly my interest in some science and sci-fi crept in and is taking over the pieces now. There may be a few pieces that people who know my stuff haven't seen, I hope so.

Above: my first Coca-Cola ribbon inspired piece.

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