Monday, July 16, 2012

Cut paper work details....

I've got the scalpel and color paper out and am back into full swing now that traveling has slowed for a bit. This piece is very closely based on a wall I did late last year in Miami. I have a bit of fun exploring the conventions of writing style such as arrows, cloud and cracks and like to reintroduce these old (generally played out) elements. The piece was from when I was trying to 'digitize' the cracks to fit a little more with the style, to both float away and also reveal layers. I usually like to question the roots of 'standard' elements of pieces and avoid them or at least personalize them where possible, in a sense, out of respect for tradition/development of letter form. I also like to avoid straight forward mainstream pop culture references (or at least make fun of them) where possible. However stating that,....I'm not interested in constraining myself to these ideas..... this one still has a basis of a very normal outline with 3d kind of piece and the cracks came about as a result of seeing Tron!

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