Monday, October 8, 2012

Futurism 2.0

This recent show and the current movement continue to spark my interest. Although visually quite different reminds me in a sense of the progressive attitude that 80's writers I came up around had with regard to seeking new style. I see this type of work as a healthy necessity in modern writing so as to avoid bland repetition and the unconsidered portion of recycling of style.

Many of us as teens in the latter half of the 80's and early 90's in Melbourne clumsily explored abstract, geometric, surrealist, minimalism, other historical fine art developments and many decorative traditions in an attempt to integrate them into letters in order to broaden the tradition. Writing has always borrowed and re interpreted, kids often painting cartoon characters next to there pieces etc.
However the work from the artists in this show, many of whom I'm already a fan, are pushing forward, some including developed responses to the past and some asserting the potential for growth of writing in the 21st century. These are artists and some of the branches I'm excited about.
Check out some of it here:
Futurism 2.0

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