Saturday, November 3, 2012

N. E. W. 2 x Borgerhout

The wall was painted for the city with the local kids in mind. A common denominator with the kids and the new circular construction on this street corner is football. So for the background I jammed on the idea of the mowing stripes from professional pitches and a folded out or flattened football. Like the Archimedean solids and other shapes in some of my other wall paintings, if you were to fold the footaball together it would create the correct object. I used circular shapes in both outlines and trivial pursuit pie type details. I tried to keep the colors bright and close to the neighbourhoods favorite teams colors. There is also a few other things I slipped in for my own amusement. I feel I could of maybe done more to it, cleaned it up a little, but it was my 4th completion of a piece in around a week coupled with nights in the studio and being concerned that I can't really afford to be away from the studio by day at the moment. Having said that, I think it's ok and am stoked to be afforded the opportunity.

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