Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rodney Mullen

I don't and wouldn't be able to skate but enjoy hearing what Rodney Mullen has to say. I identify with his views on and approach to his art form. I think there is a lot of parallels to writing culturally and creatively in this video.
His notions on outsiders working within a meritocracy is fundamentally the same as the writing subculture. Personally I appreciate his use of the word 'authenticity' as I've felt for a long while that it is a more appropriate term when critiquing writing nowadays. The word 'original' has long held baggage. I have noticed it can kind of narrow the dialogue in writing circles. It can create less focused discussions with regard to the constant re-churning and exploration of old aesthetic and archetypal style elements which is inevitable in a more than 40-year-old art form.
Of course the application of his understanding of physics I find interesting, having utilized ideas from physics myself.
Anyway, see what you think....

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