Sunday, July 3, 2011


Today I saw a recent piece from my old writing partner Tame on the web. Great to see him getting out for a paint, so I stole a few of these flix to repost mixed with a couple of my own. The top 3 are from the last few years and the bottom 2 from 89. 
 A lot of the modern tricks, abstractions, fill in fading out of the outline etc that you see in todays pieces he had explored in the early 90's. I don't have any scanned flix sorry, I'm sure plenty of Aussies have them though. 
The wildstyles he did then where full of stories and symbolism with the emotions therein intertwined in the rhythm of the letters. He used 3d glasses to design pieces, that could also be viewed with 3d glasses. He did a bunch of pieces that looked like gnarled trees, I could go on....

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  1. To A Mad Extreme ...nuf said really! Would love to see a Tame/New production for the 21st Century...