Friday, January 4, 2013

In one hand a ghost... works

The White Walls show finishes tomorrow Saturday Jan 5 2013, here are the cut paper work in the exhibition:

I just saw this review at

White Walls Gallery: In One Hand a Ghost, the Other an Atom - New2.
Review by Anne Ross: As street art incorporates breaking the rules, the graffiti-inspired work of Australian artist, New2, makes a splash in this black-walled gallery space. His exhibit, "In One Hand a Ghost, the Other an Atom," captures the look of tagged buildings and trains. New2's work remains true to the energy of the spray can which began his career. Now, however, having moved on to other materials, his work is composed of intricate and precise paper cut-outs. A multi-layered collage, Hitachi 1, shows the side of a train car, complete with letters scrawled on a window and an inspired burst of color covering the exterior. Known and Louvain La Neuve tend toward the abstract, suggesting the frenetic light and energy of an urban landscape. The craftsmanship of this artist is admirable. A visit to this exhibit is well worth your while.

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