Thursday, January 10, 2013

Oriane Dufort

 Ok, so to put this post in context, this is an excerpt from a recent interview I did with White Walls gallery.

The techniques of paper collaging and layering seem like a pretty unexpected direction from your artistic roots. How did this turn develop?
I checked out a show a friend from Paris had curated and there was a few small collage pieces. They were very naive bright colored work, one of a simple house and the other was an apple with a worm. I can’t remember the name of the woman who made them. I identified with the stark use of color and enjoyed the child-like nature of them. Growing up the way I did and then being in the Australian writing scene from my early teens, I didn’t get to be playful in that kind of way. So the process allows a round human experience of sorts for me. I get to fuse playing with cut and paste like a kid mixed with more adult concerns I have about writing aesthetics. My wife makes amazing collage and I was exposed to them every day but it had never dawned on me to make them until I saw those innocent pieces.I also like making the letters in paper in a way that non writers can see the visual depth we intend when painting them flat on walls.

 Anyway, I was in Paris for New Years Eve and caught up with our friend who put on the aforementioned show and I found out who the artist was whose work I dug...
As you can see we share little but some similar technique and a lot of color. I think they are great fun, thanks for the inspiration!

Her site:
Oriane Dufort
and blog

Whilst on the subject, this is the site of a friend from Antwerp Belgium who does great work in cut paper also... His work is very cleverly and accurately constructed, also illustrative in nature.
Jan Werkt

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