Friday, May 3, 2013

Car park project - Antwerp - Belgium

 I recently painted a 70 meter mural in conjunction with local schools and a newly constructed car park. It is situated under a square surrounded by housing.  The company wanted to make the grey concrete structure a little more approachable.
Children drew all the trees, birds and leaves, their teaches put the composition together and chose the basic colors palette to be used, and I mainly stuck to the plan and painted it. I really enjoyed painting kids drawings, a really nice break from my normal fare.

A personal fave of the kids birds.
!!!! Super out there, love this drawing
Loved painting this one
The kids involved, teachers, locals, business people and politicians came out for the opening. the speeches revolved around the community input, ie: the mural as to avoid our newly elected politicians getting the props.
The kids came down and helped fill in one day and chose a couple of bird color schemes

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