Saturday, May 4, 2013


Kunstbende is a national art competition in Belgium for youngsters/teens. The finalists have a one week camp and create work in a chosen discipline, dance, photography, sound, visual arts and so on.
The theme of this years' week was city life and the Flemish regions' event was held in the center of Antwerp.
I was the... umm... teacher or leader or vandalism coach for the visual art group. In the spirit of writing/street art they, with a little order and a fair deal of chaos freely took out the room we'd been assigned as a studio. They made an installation with the loose idea of creating a city or communal space that individuals (and groups) then decorated. No art in the room was made entirely by the one person, akin to areas you would normally see in a cityscape.

I'd basically shown them techniques and exposed them to an art world from which they had previously heard of little more than Banksy and Space Invader. Most were out of their element not having used spray paint, markers and found materials before. It turned out a pretty fun process and a good fast paced first try of something new from a talented bunch.

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